December Academy Affiliate of the Month: Sporting City North

Club Bio

Sporting City North is the newest addition to the Sporting KC Academy Affiliate network, serving the players and families in Missouri’s Platte and Clay Counties, as well as the surrounding Northland communities.

Sporting City North is committed to providing its members with a professionally managed competitive youth soccer club that focuses on developing the individual player within the collective through our outstanding player development curriculum and coaching philosophy.

At Sporting City North, we want to create positive and individualized learning experiences for every child. The object of the game is to score more goals than the opponent and prevent the opponent from scoring goals. In order to achieve this, we need to develop players who can find creative solutions to game problems. As such, our values are based around our name which defines us, our identity and our values, we are SPORTING:

We want players, coaches and parents who promote these values, as we look for players who can be:

Self Learners – Thinks creatively and independently

Problem Solvers – Discovers their own solution to solve game problems

Owners – Takes responsibility and accountability for their learning

Respectful – Demonstrates active listening and respect towards all teammates, opponents, parents and referees

Team First – Putting others first, your teammates, your coaches, your Sporting City North Family. The Crest on the jersey comes first. “Two States. One City, One Club.”

Intelligent – Game intelligence to play with instinct, disguise and deception

Nurturing – Promotes a positive attitude and environment towards learning

Growth Mindset – Open to challenge, seeks opportunities to learn

Recent Accomplishments

This past fall was Sporting City North’s first full season as a club, and already includes 35 teams with over 500 competitive players.

Coach Spotlight


Nick Koehler

  • Coach (U13 (2010) Girls Indigo & U12 (2011) Girls Indigo)

Coach Nick is an enthusiastic coach who creates positive learning environments for every child he coaches.

In his first fall season, both of his teams remained undefeated and were champions of their respective divisions, with Girls 2011 Indigo having a 7-0-1 record and Girls 2010 Indigo having a 6-0-2 record.


Kristi Mascaro

  • Coach (U10 (2013) Girls Blue, U13 (2010) Girls Blue & U19 (2004) Girls Blue)

Kristi is a passionate and experienced coach who helps her players grow as people both on and off the pitch. She has achieved fantastic success in her first fall with City North, transforming our Girls U10 (2013) Blue team, establishing a competitive U13 Girls team and seeing her Girls U19s experience success across all levels — including finishing 2nd in D2 in the fall, reaching the semi-finals of the Presidents Cup and finishing top of their division in the Challenger College Showcase Tournament.

Coach Kristi also helped City North get its first-ever college commitment, as Abby Overbay (2004G Blue) committed to NCAA D2 Northwest Missouri State University for college soccer, with more players soon to follow in Abby’s footsteps.

Team Spotlights

Many of Sporting City North’s teams saw great success in their first full season this fall, including record finishes in both local leagues and tournaments.


Fall League Top Finishers

  • Boys U11 (2012) Blue — Top 3 finish in Heartland Division 5
  • Girls U12 (2011) Indigo — Heartland Division 6 Champions, undefeated record
  • Girls U13 (2010) Indigo — Heartland Division 6 Champions, undefeated record
  • Girls U14 (2009) Blue — Heartland Division 3 Runners-Up
  • Girls U19 (2004) Blue — Heartland Division 2 Runners-Up

Girls U11 (2012) Blue — Sporting Classic Gold Finalists

Fall Tournament Top Finishers

  • Boys U9 (2014) Blue — Heartland Invitational Finalists
  • Girls U11 (2012) Blue — Sporting Classic Gold & Sporting Wichita Open Finalists
  • Girls U14 (2009) Blue — Sporting Classic Bronze Champions
  • Boys U14 (2009) Blue — GSI KC College Showcase Silver Champions
  • Boys U17 (2006) Indigo — Challenger College Showcase Champions
  • Girls U18 (2005) Blue — Challenger Tournament Finalists, Challenger College Showcase Runners-Up
  • Girls U19 (2004) Blue — Presidents Cup Semi-Finalists, Challenger College Showcase Champions
  • Boys U19 (2004) Blue — Challenger College Showcase Runners-Up

For more information on Sporting City North, visit and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.