Sporting Development League

Promoting Player & Coach Development

Sporting Development League (SDL) is an independent youth soccer league featuring the Sporting KC Academy and Academy Affiliate clubs from across the region.

Player and coach development is provided in cooperation with the SKC Academy.

The league consists of clubs at the U12-U14 age groups. The top-level teams from each club will play a seven-game season with a flexible schedule that offers freedom to participate in additional leagues and tournaments throughout the season.

League Objective

SDL provides a competitive and more importantly, a developmental opportunity for players and coaches from each of the selected Affiliate clubs.

League Philosophy

SDL is an opportunity for the selected Academy Affiliate players and coaches to engage with Sporting KC Youth Soccer, Sporting KC Academy and continue their development.

Through this league, we strive to create safe and healthy competitive environments where players and coaches can solely focus on their development.

Participating Teams

SDL Champions

Fall 2021


U12 – Sporting Springfield
U13 – Sporting Springfield
U14 – Sporting Nebraska


U12 – Sporting Blue Valley
U13 – Sporting Iowa
U14 – Sporting Missouri Valley

Spring 2021

Tournament canceled due to weather.

Fall 2020


U13 – SKC Academy
U14 – SKC Academy


U13 – Sporting Blue Valley
U14 – Sporting United

Competition Format

U127v73 x 15 min75 x 50416' x 7'Rolling
U139v93 x 20 min75 x 504 or 516' x 7'Rolling
U1411v112 x 35 min (1 game)
2 x 25 min (2 games)
96 x 65524' x 8'Traditional

League Benefits

  • Registration is free! There are no additional fees for teams invited to participate in Sporting Development League.
  • Opportunity to play in a competitive and professional environment league against the top teams & talent in the Midwest region
  • The league has a sole focus on development for the selected Academy Affiliate clubs, players and coaches that are involved
  • Identification opportunities for U12-U14 Academy Affiliate boys linking them to the SKC Academy staff
  • Coaching education initiatives and collaboration between Academy Affiliate & SKC Academy staff
  • Referees that work SDL have the opportunity to be evaluated by an on-site assessor with the goal to help to develop their skills and knowledge to better enforce the game

Player Development Initiatives

  • Field sizes to allow for more player actions in a single match
  • Shorter time periods to facilitate a higher intensity and quality of play
  • Rolling substitutions in the U12 & U13 age groups to allow for less stoppage of play
  • 7v7 Game format in the U12 age group
  • 9v9 Game format in the U13 age group

Coach Development Initiatives

  • Video review of matches with SKC Academy Staff
  • Game model development and improvement
  • Collaboration between Affiliate and SKC Academy coaches in activity creation
  • Collaboration between Affiliate and SKC Academy coaches in game principle development

Fall 2021 League Standings

U12 Boys

Sporting Springfield 2010196-1-136248
Sporting Columbia 2010165-1-224188
Sporting Blue Valley 2010155-0-321308
Sporting Wichita 2010134-1-334308
Sporting Nebraska 2010124-0-424258
Sporting Iowa 201093-0-524328
Sporting Missouri Valley 201041-1-524357
Sporting United 201031-0-618317

U13 Boys

Sporting Blue Valley 2009196-1-02677
Sporting Iowa 2009155-0-320128
Sporting Missouri Valley 2009134-1-324218
Sporting Nebraska 2009135-1-221318
Sporting Wichita 2009123-3-228168
Sporting Springfield 2009124-0-418168
SKC Academy Indigo113-2-222177
SKC Academy Argyle93-0-518258
Sporting United 200941-1-619298
Sporting Kaw Valley 200920-2-612358

U14 Boys

Sporting Wichita 2008217-0-122138
Sporting Iowa 2008196-1-121148
Sporting Springfield 2008134-1-311128
Sporting Blue Valley 2008113-2-223127
SKC Academy U13103-1-312147
Sporting Nebraska 200882-2-48128
Sporting Kaw Valley 200862-0-66188
Sporting Missouri Valley 200851-2-57128

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