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Our Team

Dan Popik headshot

Dan Popik
Vice President, Youth Business Development

Brennan Williams headshot

Brennan Williams
Director, Youth Soccer Programming

Diego Barrios headshot

Diego Barrios
Assistant Director of Coaching, Academy Affiliates

Luke Engle headshot

Luke Engle
Coordinator, Sport Facility Programming

Tyler McBee headshot

Tyler McBee
Manager, Youth Soccer Communications

Kayla Kamil

Kayla Kamil
Coordinator, Youth Soccer Communications

Chris Pedersen

Chris Pedersen
Manager, Youth Programs

Tyler Boller headshot

Tyler Boller
Coordinator, Youth Programs

Rachel Lammers headshot

Rachel Lammers
Coordinator, Sporting Stripes

Alec Smith headshot

Alec Smith
Manager, Competitions

Justin Tanno headshot

Justin Tanno
Coordinator, Competitions

Ngozi Gregory

Ngozi Gregory
Coordinator, Competitions

Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones
Coordinator, Competitions

Sporting City North

Gérard Jones

Gérard Jones
Director of Coaching, Sporting City North

Rogerio Celaya

Rogerio Celaya
Club Administrator, Sporting City North

Sporting City West

Matt Busch headshot

Matt Busch
Director of Coaching, Sporting City West

Tammy Stauffer headshot

Tammy Stauffer
Club Administrator, Sporting City West