Sporting KC Academy Affiliate Network grows with Sporting City North

Sporting Kansas City Youth Soccer is excited to announce the newest addition to the Academy Affiliate network, Sporting City North. This new competitive youth soccer club will primarily serve families located in Platte County and Clay County, Missouri as well as the surrounding Northland communities.

“I’m thrilled to announce the newest member of the Academy Affiliate network Sporting City North,” said Dan Popik, Sporting KC Vice President of Youth Business Development. “This is a special and exciting project for Sporting KC to build a new youth soccer club in the Northland at Central Bank Sporting Complex.”

Sporting City North will debut during the 2022-2023 season, featuring boys and girls teams in the U8 (2015) through U19 (2004) age groups. Sporting City North will host clinics, informational parent meetings and events during the upcoming spring season leading up to tryouts in June.

Sporting City North will be the anchor soccer tenant at the new Central Bank Sporting Complex, which is slated to open in September and will feature 10 world-class, multi-sport turf fields.

“The new complex and club will provide its players with a high-level training environment, conveniently located in the center of the Northland. With all Sporting City North teams training at the same location, it will allow for greater player development, and collaboration amongst the coaching staff to create a professional and educational atmosphere for the players,” said Popik.

The Central Bank Sporting Complex will be the first multi-sport turf complex in the greater Kansas City metro area built to accommodate the field requirements for soccer, baseball, softball, rugby, football and lacrosse. “We’re excited to offer a home complex for all Northland youth and adult athletes across the different sports,” said Popik.

Sporting City North will be Sporting Kansas City’s 18th Academy Affiliate. The Academy Affiliate program strives to provide its members with the best resources, education and developmental opportunities both on and off the field, while also giving members unparalleled access to Sporting Kansas City.

“I’m excited to welcome Sporting City North to the Sporting Kansas City Academy Affiliate program,” said Nathan Hunt, Sporting KC Director of Coaching, Academy Affiliates. “I look forward to supporting Sporting City North’s leadership as they build an environment that is aligned with our culture and goals at Sporting KC.”

As an Academy Affiliate club, Sporting City North will benefit from exclusive opportunities and collaboration with the Sporting Kansas City Academy. These opportunities include education sessions for players and coaches led by Sporting KC Academy staff, the Academy Affiliate All-Star Experience, Sporting Development League, Affiliate Market Experiences and more.

To help manage the day-to-day operations of the club, Sporting City North will be hiring a full-time Director of Coaching. While not directly coaching any teams, this position will focus on hiring coaching staff, individual player and coach development and the creation of the club’s philosophy and playing model.

“This is an incredible opportunity for the incoming Director of Coaching to build a youth soccer club from scratch at a world-class facility!” Popik said.

Qualified individuals can apply for the Director of Coaching position here.

Additionally, Sporting City North will also be hiring a full-time Team Administrator.

The Team Administrator will provide Sporting City North’s families with quality customer service and professionalism. This position will also manage the off-field, day-to-day operations of the club.

“Sporting City North’s families will feel valued and experience a professional club environment off the field that consistently keeps its members informed, educated and updated on club and team news,” Popik said.

Sporting Kansas City, and Sporting City North will partner with Liberty Parks & Rec to offer various programs to the players and coaches of the community to enhance their soccer experiences. Through this partnership, Sporting City North will manage the Liberty Parks & Rec soccer league, host camps and clinics for the youth players and offer coaching education opportunities for recreation league coaches.

“We’re excited to continue our already successful partnership with the Liberty Parks & Rec to continue to grow soccer together in their community,” said Popik.

In the coming months, Sporting City North will announce its full-time club leadership staff, coaching staff, programs and clinics, tryout schedule and other additional information. We will be launching the club website within the next few weeks.

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