Academy Affiliates See Success at Sporting Classic Tournament

On August 27-29, Sporting Kansas City hosted Sporting Classic, a unique tournament experience for D3 teams and lower.

Sporting Classic took place at Compass Minerals Sporting Fields and Swope Soccer Village, with over 130 teams from 7 states competing – including 13 Academy Affiliates.

See below for a list of Academy Affiliates that finished at the top of their bracket.

Sporting Arkansas

Boys U11 Gold
🥇 Sporting Arkansas 2011B Blue

Boys U14 Gold
🥇 Sporting Arkansas 08 Premier

Boys U12 Bronze
🥈 Sporting Arkansas 10

Sporting Blue Valley

Boys U9 Gold
Sporting Blue Valley Academy 13

Boys U10 Gold
🥇 Sporting Blue Valley Celtic

Boys U12 Gold
🥈 Sporting Blue Valley Dortmund 10

Sporting City West

Boys U9 Silver
🥇 Sporting City West 2013B Blue

Girls U12 Bronze
🥈 Sporting City West 2010G Orange

Boys U10 Silver
🥈 Sporting City West 2012B Orange

Sporting Kaw Valley

Boys U11 Gold
🥈 Sporting Kaw Valley Nobre Chrome

Boys U14 Silver
🥈 Sporting Kaw Valley Heck 08B

Sporting Lee’s Summit

Boys U10 Bronze
🥈 Sporting Lee’s Summit Wizards U10B

Sporting Missouri Valley

Boys U10 Gold
🥇 Sporting Missouri Valley Liverpool 2

Boys U11 Silver
🥈 Sporting Missouri Valley Barcelona

Boys U13 Gold
🥈 Sporting Missouri Valley Man City

Girls U12 Silver
🥈 Sporting Missouri Valley Wales

Girls U9 Gold
🥈 Sporting Missouri Valley Portugal

Sporting Nebraska

Girls U11 Gold
🥇 Sporting Nebraska Elite 11

Girls U12 Silver
🥇 Sporting Nebraska 2010 Girls Gold

Girls U12 Gold
🥇 Sporting Nebraska G Elite 10

Sporting Springfield

Girls U11 Gold
🥈 Sporting Springfield Norwich City

Girls U10 Gold
🥈 Sporting Springfield Tyreso

Girls U14/15 Gold
🥇 Sporting Springfield Napoli

Girls U12 Gold
🥈 Sporting Springfield Marseille

Sporting St. Louis

Boys U14 Gold
🥈 Sporting St. Louis Castle

Sporting Wichita

Boys U9 Silver
🥈 Sporting Wichita Red 13

Girls U10 Gold
🥇 Sporting Wichita Red 12

Boys U13 Gold
🥇 Sporting Wichita Navy 09

Boys U10 Silver
🥇 Sporting Wichita Navy 12

Girls U9 Gold
🥇 Sporting Wichita Navy 2013 – Reyes