April Academy Affiliate Club Spotlight: Sporting Iowa East


Sporting Iowa East was created in partnership with TBK Bank Sports Complex in Bettendorf, Iowa. This complex was built specifically to increase the level of all sports within the Eastern Iowa area.

We’re about to enter our third year as an Academy Affiliate and we are incredibly proud of the work and progress we’ve made in that short period of time.

Our mission is to provide a developmental environment and curriculum in a professionalized setting with qualified coaches, amazing facilities, core values and centralized operations so that there’s consistency throughout the club.

We also wanted to provide a pathway from recreational soccer through to the professional level. As a result, regardless of a player’s motivation or goals for the sport, we can provide opportunities to them.

At Sporting Iowa East, we balance the dynamic of team success/progress with the individual development of the players. At the younger ages, we take a holistic approach through a strong focus on individual player development.

As a result, players progress through their age groups with a stronger overall foundation that allows the coaching staff to focus more on the development of the team, naturally increasing the individual’s development.

We believe winning is a by-product of the way we develop, train and play!


  • U17 Girls won the Iowa State Cup, will continue onto U.S. Youth Soccer Regional event in a bid to make the National Championships


Kenton Winstead
Coach, U19 Boys, U15 Boys, U14-15 Boys & Girls

Kenton is incredibly dedicated to the club and the players. He utilizes his playing experiences and continued education through US Soccer’s educational licensing pathway to provide a passionate and concise training environment to the players.

Miranda Holle
Assistant Coach, U12 Girls

Miranda joined the team during the winter indoor training and has been extremely passionate in her approach with the players. The team responds very well to having a positive, female role model working with them.

Miranda’s fantastic playing experience enables her to demonstrate activities and techniques to both educate and motivate our young female players


Taylor Seneli
U15 Boys

Taylor joined the team this past year and is an incredibly versatile player, splitting his time between goalkeeper and the center back position. He regularly attends team practice and additional skills/goalkeeping sessions offered through the club.

Most of all, Taylor has a great attitude at training and games. It’s a pleasure to coach him!

Reese Barnett
U12 Girls

Reese is a very talented young lady who doesn’t ever settle for the level she’s at.

She’s always trying to advance herself and get better during training and games. Often, Reese has suggestions and ideas on how to make the team and herself better. She’s one of the younger players on the team, but is already a leader in the group.

You can often find Reese organizing mini games before practice starts.

For more information on Sporting Iowa East please visit SportingIowaEast.com and follow them on and Facebook.