Academy Affiliate Players in SKC Academy’s Center of Excellence Program This Fall

Center of Excellence (COE) program is a high level supplemental training program for boys aged eleven and younger. Sporting KC Academy launched it’s COE program back in January of 2016 with the intention of using this platform as a developmental and scouting resource. Players in the COE program receive high level training directly from SKC Academy coaches.

Boys that are recommended for the COE program can participate in the Fall, Spring and Winter where they would train twice a week. Participation in the COE program is supplemental to all actives with the players’ current club team as COE is a club-neutral program.

Throughout the years, COE has proven to progress players into the SKC Academy as the program aims to develop players and prepare them in a positive and challenging environment. As time has gone on, we’ve seen more and more Academy Affiliate players be invited into the SKC COE program. This year, out of the 57 players participating in COE, 25 of them are Academy Affiliate players.

COE 2020 Fall Roster:

Jackson Gagel2010Sporting Blue Valley
Vincent Madeo2010Sporting Blue Valley
Nate Hansen2010Sporting Blue Valley
Jeremy Jin2010Sporting Blue Valley
Reid Williams2010Sporting Blue Valley
Mason Duffy2010Sporting Blue Valley
Brady Cowan2011Sporting Blue Valley
Adrian Kabianga2011Sporting Blue Valley
Aiden Pardo2011Sporting Blue Valley
Luca Pore2011Sporting Blue Valley
Hudson Strouse2011Sporting Blue Valley
Matt Lally2012Sporting Blue Valley
Brayden Drewing2011Sporting Columbia
Jake Adams2010Sporting Missouri Valley
Collin Keller2010Sporting Missouri Valley
Reid Lindstrom2010Sporting Missouri Valley
Mack Herrman2010Sporting Missouri Valley
Wesley Medlin2010Sporting Missouri Valley
Finn Dean2010Sporting Missouri Valley
Abdullah Elyousef2010Sporting Missouri Valley
Langston Lewis2011Sporting Missouri Valley
Jack Carpani2012Sporting Missouri Valley
Omar Khalil2012Sporting Missouri Valley
Christian Williamson2012Sporting Missouri Valley
Deklyn Gates2013Sporting Missouri Valley

Whether players progress into the SKC Academy or continue with their respective club teams when they reach the U12 age group, this program has proven to help develop players and expose them to a different, higher-level coaching style. We are happy to see so many Academy Affiliate players receive the chance to experience this program and grow as players!

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