Sporting Club Network and the YMCA of Greater Kansas City Partner Up For 5-Year Agreement

Earlier this month, Sporting Club Network, presented by Price Chopper, and the YMCA of Greater Kansas City announced the agreement of a new 5-year deal between the two organizations. This partnership was built to enhance and strengthen the relationship between Sporting Kansas City and the YMCA while also growing the game throughout the KC community by creating more opportunities for kids to get involved with soccer. The agreement will provide youth soccer members of the YMCA of Greater Kansas City an array of benefits and access to exclusive, unique experiences with Sporting Kansas City.


As a Sporting Club Network member, the members of the YMCA will have access to the Sporting Club Network calendar of events. These events include clinics, coaching educations, open trainings, chalk talks, contests and other special events throughout the year all at no cost to the members.


Additionally, Sporting Club Network will provide coaching education support to the YMCA. Sporting Club Network will deliver coaching education resources and curriculum specific to YMCA’s members; geared towards the developmental practices for 2-8 year olds. Further, Sporting Club Network will hold an annual coaching education event each year for the YMCA of Greater KC’s coaches and members with sessions focusing on the 2-8 year old range. The session will be led by Sporting Kansas City’s Leader of Youth Programs, Tyler McManus, and will focus around the curriculum used for Sporting Stripes and Sporting Stars.


Tyler McManus commented on the partnership, “I am absolutely thrilled to help grow our relationship with the YMCA through events and educational resources that will create exclusive soccer experiences for boys and girls throughout the KC metro. The curriculum along with the coaching education sessions we’ll offer will help provide more professional, safe, age-appropriate and soccer-specific developmental programming for families in our KC communities with early childhood and school-aged children.”


Sporting Club Network members will also receive exclusive promotions from the YMCA of Greater Kansas City that will include special offers to become members of their local YMCA. Members of the YMCA have access to a variety of youth programming available that includes a soccer specific program, YMCA Bitty Soccer. YMCA Bitty Soccer is designed for kids ages 3-5 that consists of three practices and three games.


Sporting Kansas City has two youth soccer programs aimed at ages 2-8 year olds that will be available for YMCA members as well. Sporting Stripesis a beginner-based soccer program for 2-5 year olds that creates a safe and fun learning environment for children to become engaged with soccer at its foundation. Sporting Starsis a grassroots-based soccer program built for 5-8 year olds that is a stepping stone in youth soccer players development. YMCA members will receive an exclusive discount for both of these programs as a benefit of being a Sporting Club Network member.


Speaking to the partnership and combined efforts towards developing youth soccer in the KC community, Vice President of Sporting KC Youth Soccer, Dan Popik, stated, “We are excited to extend our partnership with the YMCA of Greater Kansas City. The YMCA is one of the longest standing community-driven sport organizations in the KC area. As Sporting Kansas City is one of the leaders in early childhood player development, we plan to leverage our curriculum and expert staff tied to Sporting Stripes and Sporting Stars to enhance the YMCA soccer programs and provide its coaches and staff a new level of support.”


Scott Clark, District Vice President for the YMCA of Greater Kansas City, said the two organizations are natural partners because of their shared commitment to youth development.


“The Y is looking forward to how our expanded partnership with Sporting Club Network will increase opportunities for Y members, program participants and coaches throughout the metro,” Clark said. “The additional resources and expertise of the Sporting Club Network and Sporting KC Youth Soccer will give more youth opportunities to advance their skills, stay active, learn teamwork and develop a love of the game.”





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