Academy Affiliate US Soccer Coaching Courses

Coaching Education is an initiative that Sporting KC Youth Soccer has prioritized over the last 18 months. Sporting KC Youth Soccer has continued this initiative in the recent months by offering US Soccer Grassroots licensing and the opportunity to participate in a US Soccer Blended D License to Academy Affiliate coaches, hosted by Sporting KC Youth Soccer.

On the weekend of November 7th and 8th, coaches from Sporting KC Youth Soccer and SKC Youth Programs participated in the US Soccer Grassroots 9v9 and 11v11 In Person courses. These courses were facilitated by Tyler McManus (Assistant Director of Coaching, Academy Affiliates) and Nathan Hunt (Director of Coaching, Academy Affiliates). Coaches participated in virtual learning sessions on November 7th covering topics such as Coaching Training Sessions and the methodology of Play-Practice-Play adopted by US Soccer to how to go about Managing their performance environments, in particular relationship building with parents.

The course concluded on Sunday, November 8th, with on-field sessions for the coaches to watch or take part in facilitating part of the training session. Coaches were able to watch and interact with age appropriate players. The first two hours, coaches watched and participated in a 9v9 session utilizing the Play-Practice-Play methodology, and in the following two hours the coaches went through a session that focused on the 11v11 game and age appropriate players. Both Tyler McManus and Nathan Hunt were able to guide and help the coaches through executing the on field portion while also reinforcing principles from the previous day.

Next up for Academy Affiliate coaches is the Blended D License hosted by Sporting KC Youth Soccer. This course is set to begin December 12th and conclude by the end of March 2021. This course is specific to Academy Affiliate coaches only. Once they conclude the course and all evaluations, these coaches will be awarded their US Soccer D License. The course will take place virtually approximately 1-2 times a week, where their instructors will facilitate learning opportunities in large group and small group interactions. Coaches will also utilize interactions with their peers outside of virtual course interaction, along with video modules to aid in the learning process. Some of the instructors that will lead the course are instructors that are also part of the Academy Affiliate family include Tom Mura (Sporting Blue Valley) and Vernon Croft (Sporting Springfield).


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