Sporting KC Youth Soccer Announces Launch of Sporting Leagues

KANSAS CITY (November 14, 2019) — Sporting Kansas City Youth Soccer is excited to announce the launch of Sporting Leagues.


Sporting Leagues, a newly formed initiative within Sporting KC’s Youth Soccer department, is your home for all leagues (youth and adult) ran by Sporting Kansas City. Sporting Leagues strives to provide an unrivaled sporting experience to all players, coaches, referees and fans that participate in our leagues. We pride ourselves on creating a safe, fun and family-friendly environment that KC and surrounding communities and their residents can enjoy.


“Sporting Kansas City has built its brand on providing memorable experiences to fans on gameday. With the introduction of Sporting Leagues, we aim to deliver those same experiences to more Kansas City players and families outside of our traditional gameday setting,” says Chris Boyajian, Director of Sporting KC Youth Soccer. “We feel that Sporting Leagues, which will operate each spring and fall, with options for both youth and adults, will give Sporting KC an opportunity to engage new fans and build a stronger connection with existing fans.”


In Spring 2020, Sporting Leagues will have youth and adult league options at world-class facilities in Olathe, KS (Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex) and Kansas City, KS (Wyandotte Sporting Fields). For more information about Sporting Leagues, please visit our new website