24 Academy Affiliate Teams Claim Champions and Finalists Titles at Spring State Cup

With Spring State Cup wrapping up this past weekend, we had a total of 24 Academy Affiliate teams who were named champions or finalists in their respective tournaments. Congratulations to all the teams who placed in State Cup! Thank you for representing the Sporting brand well and making us all proud.

2019 Spring State Cup Placing Teams



  • Boys:
    • Sporting Arkansas 2006B Premier (US Club Arkansas State Champions)
    • Sporting Arkansas 2005B Premier (US Club Arkansas State Champions)
  • Girls:
    • Sporting Arkansas 2008G Blue (US Club Arkansas State Finalists)
    • Sporting Arkansas 2006G Black (US Club Arkansas State Finalists)
    • Sporting Arkansas 2005G Premier (US Club Arkansas State Champions)


  • Boys:
    • WDMSC Royal U13B (Finalists)
    • JUSC Premier U13B (President Cup Finalists)
    • JUSC Premier U14B (President Cup Finalists)
    • Sporting Iowa-East A1 U14B (Finalists)
  • Girls:
    • JUSC Premier U13G (President Cup Champions)
    • WDMSC Royal U14G (Finalists)



  • Boys:
    • Sporting Blue Valley Pre-Academy 04 (Champions)
    • Sporting Blue Valley Pre-Academy 03 (Finalists)
    • Sporting Wichita 06 Elite (President Cup Champions)
    • Sporting Blue Valley Stoke City 04 (President Cup Finalists)
    • Sporting Blue Valley Liverpool 03 (President Cup Finalists)
  • Girls:
    • Sporting Blue Valley Barcelona 06 (Champions)
    • Sporting Blue Valley USA 07 (President Cup Champions)



  • Boys:
    • Sporting St. Louis 2006 Navy – Goddard (Champions)
  • Girls:
    • Sporting St. Louis 2006 Academy (Champions)
    • Sporting St. Louis 2005 Academy (Champions)
    • Sporting St. Louis 2007 Academy (President Cup Champions)



  • Boys:
    • SOFC B Elite 06 (Champions)
    • SOFC B Elite 05 (Champions)
  • Girls:
    • SOFC 06 Girls Elite (Finalists)