Eleven Academy Affiliates Place In Their Respective State Cups

As a majority of Midwest states wrap up their fall soccer seasons in late October and early November, tradition is for teams to compete in the annual fall State Cup for their respective states. This years’ State Cups, particularly in Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas, had some familiar teams placing in either first or second. A grand total of 11 Academy Affiliate teams placed in their respective State Cups; 4 Sporting Iowa teams, 3 Sporting Omaha FC teams and 3 Sporting Blue Valley teams.


Check out who won in each State Cup:

Iowa State Cup

Dates: October 27-28
Location: Cownie Soccer Complex  (Des Moines, IA)

Sporting Iowa U18 Girls
– Sporting Iowa U18 Boys

– Sporting Iowa U17 Girls
– Sporting Iowa U16 Girls


Nebraska State Cup

Dates: October 13-28
Location: Speedway Village (Lincoln, NE)

 Sporting Omaha FC U19 Girls

– Sporting Omaha FC U17 Boys
– Sporting Omaha FC U18 Girls


Kansas State Cup

Dates: October 25-30
Location: Swope Soccer Village (Kansas City, MO)

– Sporting Blue Valley U16 Girls

 Sporting Blue Valley U18 Girls
– Sporting Blue Valley U17 Girls


We’d also like to acknowledge 2 Sporting Iowa teams that placed first in the Presidents Cup this fall (October 27-28). These teams include Sporting Iowa East U17 Girls and Sporting Iowa U15 Girls.


We congratulate all our Affiliates who placed in State Cup and wish them luck in their next season! Thanks for always making Sporting Kansas City proud.





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