Greatness Rises

Greatness rises.

More than a tagline, “Greatness Rises” is what Sporting KC Youth Soccer coaches and staff see every day in their players. It’s what manifests when young people aspire to be great and coaches meet them where they are – on and off the field. From players who dream of leading Sporting Kansas City out of the tunnel at Children’s Mercy Park to players whose goal is to one day make the junior varsity team, Sporting KC Youth Soccer exists to grow the player, the person, and the game. Their coaches and staff cultivate greatness and watch it rise.

Sporting KC is uniquely positioned to connect the grassroots level of soccer in Kansas City to the professional ranks. No other youth club in Kansas City can provide access to professional coaches, players, and systems, and none of them are as incentivized to watch these players’ greatness rise. Sporting KC Youth Soccer equally aims to identify the next homegrown talent and the next biggest SKC fan. However greatness is defined, Sporting KC wants to help children attain it. The personalized, player-centric approach doesn’t change.

Sporting KC Youth Soccer comprises various programs, camps and organizations that help make all of this possible. Every branch of Sporting KC Youth Soccer is integrated with the first team, its facilities, front office, coaches, and more.

The Sporting Club Network is a collection of 70 clubs across 10 states, each of whom receive access to thought leaders in soccer and programming related to coaching, nutrition, and mental health.

The second branch is the Academy Affiliates, which currently includes 14 clubs with direct access to Sporting KC’s Academy coaches and others in the professional funnel. Coaches within the Academy Affiliate position regularly participate in coaching education provided by Sporting KC, insuring that their training methodologies and development philosophies align with Sporting KC’s values.

Finally, Sporting Stripes serves as a fun-filled introduction to soccer for kids 2-5. With more than five satellite locations throughout the KC metro, Sporting Stripes prepares children for recreational soccer and team play through balance, coordination, socialization, and emotional development.

For information on applying to be part of the Sporting Club Network, contact Ryan Wells (Cell: 512.809.5003 – Email: For any other questions about Sporting KC Youth Soccer or its many offerings, email

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