Sporting Kansas City Camps

Health & Safety Guidelines

Sporting Kansas City has created the following guidelines to prioritize the health and safety of all participants at our in-person youth programs.

All participants will be required to abide by these guidelines.

Health & Safety Guideline Contents

  1. Before You Leave Your House
  2. In-Session
  3. Dismissal

Before You Leave Your House

  • If the participant has a temperature over 100.4 degrees, persistent cough, or other indications of illness, please do not leave your home.
  • Please wash your hands with soap and water to ensure safety of players, coaches, and staff.
  • There will be no communal water. All players must have their own individual water and clearly mark their name on it.
  • Please bring your own equipment. This includes a soccer ball. Sporting KC will provide sanitized extra equipment if needed, subject to availability.
  • Please avoid carpooling with other participants from other households, if possible.


The following expectations are required of players, coaches and staff at all times:

  • Equipment will be sanitized before and after each session.
  • Masks are not¬†mandatory for participants but are highly recommended (*subject to change based on host facility/location of camps due to specific county health guidelines)
  • Parents, guardians and family members are restricted from entering the area of play at any time. Families are permitted to observe from outside the area of play, as designated by Sporting Kansas City, as long as they maintain social distancing from other observers. Parents are strongly encouraged to remain in their vehicles for the duration of each session.
  • If an injury occurs during a session, the immediate health and safety of the injured player will remain a top priority. Care will be taken when addressing small injuries (i.e. handing out band-aids, etc.). Parents will be notified immediately if their assistance is needed with injury care.
  • Failure to adhere by these rules may result in dismissal from the program.


Once the session has finished, players will be directed by the coaches of how and when to depart the field.

  • Players will not be blindly sent into the parking lot to look for their parents. Parents are encouraged to remain visible in or near their car and coaches will dismiss players one at a time to maintain social distancing. We recommend parents stand outside of their vehicles, while maintaining social distancing from others, at the end of each session to assist with dismissal procedures. A site supervisor will assist throughout the process.